1. We rearranged to better fit Dustin’s at-home office. My bike got moved to The Wall of Awesome. I think that’s ok.



  3. Family backpacking. We covered some of the toughest miles in the state. The kids were troopers. Some of the backpackers that passed our campsite stopped to tell the kids how impressed they were that the kids were able to carry packs over the terrain. Bed will feel great tonight. So will not carrying 50 extra pounds.


  4. Low Fuel

    Up early for a 2000 meter swim. I didn’t eat much last night, I forgot to grab a banana to eat on the way to the gym, and I didn’t have any extra gels in my gym bag. By about lap 30 of my swim, my stomach was eating itself. So hungry!


  5. I took this afternoon to get my 60 mile bike in. It was a gorgeous day for a ride. A slight headwind on the 30 out and a little extra push heading home. I basically rode across Pike County, from the rest area just outside Glenwood over Lake Greeson to the county line just past New Hope, Arkansas. There are a lot of rolling hills on this route, one of the steepest at mile 55. The wide shoulder is smooth and fairly clear. With the exception of a few bridge crossings, you have plenty of room between you and the highway traffic. This is nice because most of the traffic, big logging trucks included, won’t budge an inch for you. You get used the the burst of air whooshing by at 60 mph. And the smell after the log trucks pass, it’s heavenly! Fresh cut pine. It helps counter balance the chicken farms.


  6. Nate Bargatze on exercise: “I think we had different goals…I believe he’s training for the Hunger Games. I just want you to not be able to see my nipples through my shirt.”


  7. "I cannot help feeling like
    I have so much at stake
    So I lock myself inside my head
    And I just run in place"
    — New Low, Middle Class Rut