1. lifewithkim:

    32 weeks until Cajun Coyote.

    That sure doesn’t seem like much time.

    The training plan has been made.

    Time to execute!

    It’s official. Team Shurley and Team Speer are headed to Cajun country for a little 100 mile jaunt through the woods!


  2. Practice, Practice, Practice

    1 mile swim

    40 min run

    And then, since the 2nd Oly at Triple-T is a bike-SWIM-run, I practiced speed squeezing into my wetsuit. I think my heart rate maxed at 160 on this. Totally counts as a workout.


  3. Back to Back

    This training cycle has been far from perfect. I’m just getting over my second bronchial infection. That makes at least 4 of the last 16 weeks, a quarter of my training, riding the line between maintaining some sort of training while letting my body heal. It’s a fine line. Lungs are ridiculously important in triathlon training.

    And then there was vacation. Two weeks in Charleston without my bike or a pool. I got in a lot of running training in those weeks - great because I haven’t been able to do much since then.

    This training has almost turned into one long taper.

    I could get insanely frustrated, but you know, it’s life. I’m enjoying my time on the bike outdoors. I’m suffering through some runs on the treadmill. And I’m barely in the pool anymore. But, I know all the difficult workouts will soon be a little easier as my body recovers. I have a pretty strong base and I have faith my body will bounce back quickly.

    Which is good because it’s just 25 days until crazy, hard American Triple-T is here.

    Today, I followed yesterday’s 37 mile bike/5.5 mile run with a 55 min trainer workout/5 mile treadmill run.


  4. 37 mile bike to Lake Greeson and back followed by a short 5.5 mile run through the little town of Glenwood, Arkansas. The bike was fabulous. Rolling hills, partly cloudy skies. By the time I got back to town, I somehow found eternal sunshine despite the clouds dotting the sky. The majority of my run was on open highway. Not a lick of shade. 82 degrees. Suffer-fest.


  5. Flatside Wilderness Area, Ouachita Trail


  6. We rearranged to better fit Dustin’s at-home office. My bike got moved to The Wall of Awesome. I think that’s ok.